What if your marketing was so good people subscribed to it?


Our Process



We assist in every aspect of the podcast’s creation, beginning with your brand then moving to the targeted audience you’re trying to reach. From there, we will work with you to decide what type of show to produce, who should host it, how often it should post and how to brand it. 



We work with you at every point in the production process to make sure that the vision for the show is being expertly crafted, ensuring that the best equipment and processes are being used to capture and produce the best sound possible. Because each project is unique, we are flexible in creating a production workflow that fits your particular needs. 



When your podcast is ready to launch, our marketing team is ready to assist you in the proper distribution and promotion that will build an expectant audience. This includes an integration of web design, email marketing, organic social, paid social, search and other marketing techniques that work best with your goals and audience.


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Our Team


Mike Cosper, Founder and CEO

Harbor Media was founded in 2016 by Mike Cosper. Prior to launching Harbor, Mike served as one of the founders of Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kentucky. He also founded The 930 Arts Center, which hosted art galleries, music venues, and studio spaces. He started producing records in 2001, and has extensive experience in audio and music production. He’s the author of five books and a regular speaker on faith, arts and culture across the country. Mike hosts the podcast “Cultivated: Conversations about Faith and Work.”


Mark Franco, Chief of Operations

Mark is a seasoned executive with a highly successful track record of leading and managing emerging growth technology companies. Mr. Franco is currently the President and CEO of MXD Process. Additionally, he is shareholder and head of business development for Singlepoint Solutions, one of the largest telecom and data brokers in the state of Kentucky. Mark is also the Chairman of Tech M3, Inc in San Diego, CA where he is currently taking to market the PureForge brand of brake rotors. He has also served as Founder and Executive Director of mPower Approach, a non-profit organization that provides international missions-oriented ministries with a franchise business that lets them serve their community and generate income.


Scott Slucher, Associate Producer & Director of Marketing

Scott’s career spans the performing arts, freelance writing, operations management, sales, and marketing. Scott studied acting and writing in New York at HB Studio and the Circle Repertory Company, performing in many plays and short films and writing a half-dozen one-act dramas. With a family to support, he transitioned into operations management with a Manhattan-based high-end printing and visual display company. Later, he moved into sales, where he sold media for 13 years before moving into marketing. Since 2013, Scott has worked in marketing management, launching many content marketing campaigns and branding/re-branding efforts.


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