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 Pitchworks is a 3-episode miniseries that tells your unique story, reveals the value of your work, and invites investors or donors to seize the opportunity to join your mission. Here’s how we do it:

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Pitchworks makes it possible to pitch any investor or donor, any time, any place by leveraging the power of podcasting to tell your finely crafted story.

  1. Ease of Use: more than any medium, podcasts are accessible for busy people on the go.

  2. Emotional Connection: good stories, well told, generate credibility and form immediate bonds with both the story and the storyteller. We are wired for story.

  3. Retention: audio has the highest attention-retention rate of any media. With podcasting, the news is even better. 85% of podcast listeners finish an episode, once they hit “play.”

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Social Media (especially paid social media) can help you pinpoint your ideal customers, including narrowing to income levels, geography, industry, and even more fine-tuned and granular demographics.


Narrativo can oversee the engagement with listeners, drawing them through our marketing funnel to present you with Smart, Qualifed investors.

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