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The podcast is killing radio the same way Netflix and Amazon Prime are killing TV and movies. Podcast listenership is at the beginning of a steady climb, and the best news for brands, organizations, and individuals seeking to build their platform is that 8 of 10 podcast listeners finish each episode they begin. In short, podcasts offer the best engagement of any media.

On-demand entertainment is the new normal, and while the first-mover advantage of podcasting is easy to grasp, the thought of producing a “show” may seem complicated and expensive. That’s where we can help. Podworks is an experience designed to allow you to develop the concept for a podcast and produce pilot episodes, giving you the experience of making a great show with our producers and engineers. When we’re done, you’ll have a clear grasp of what kind of podcast you might make, what it takes to accomplish it, and what that show sounds, looks, and feels like.

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Narrativo can, at an additional cost, produce more high-production-value shows, weaving together multiple interviews, narration, and more sound design. These shows are quoted on a case-by-case basis.

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At Narrativo, our specialty is in creating high-production-value podcasts. At every stage of production, from planning to distribution, we take the greatest care to make a show that sounds great, achieves your goals as conversationalist, leaders, and storytellers, and reaches your audience. With us, you get more than a sound engineer; you get a partner in producing great content. We look forward to working with you.